You’ll find mostly Vinyasa Flows at RockFish. Although our instructors generally offer a variety of yoga styles. Every class has the intention of providing strength, stability, flexibility, mobility, and recovery for all of your activities! In some classes, you might get more of a workout to supplement your training. Others will provide you with recovery tools so that you can help prevent injury and keep climbing (or skiing or running, etc) for years to come. Some are a blend of both!


Sundays;  4:45-5:45   with Tanner Tripp
Tuesdays;  6:00-7:00   with Allie Clark
Wednesdays;  6:00-7:00   with Michell Wang / Kirby Ahlstrom
(STARTING FEB 16) Thursdays;  7:00-8:00   with Haley Sorbel

Free for members
$5 drop-in for guests (cash or Venmo to the instructor)