Getting Started


Bouldering is a type of climbing done without the use of ropes or a harness where the climber may rely on falling on padding. Bouldering routes are often referred to as ‘problems.’ In the outdoors, bouldering takes place on large rocks, typically around 20 feet or smaller (although some can be much larger!) Our indoor walls are up to 17 feet tall in some areas. Dense foam on the ground is what “catches” you when you fall.

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With more than 3,000 square feet of climbing surface up to 14 feet high, the climbing gym has something for all abilities and ages. We are strictly a bouldering facility. There are no roped climbs. Prominent features include a prow, overhanging cave, slab areas and a kids boulder with a slide. The prow has everything from vertical walls, steep compression angles and so much more. Nine inches of padding cover the floors. Climbing routes are updated on a constant rotation, with a route typically staying up for five to six weeks. There’s always a new challenge to try!

If you prefer a more structured environment to try it out, please check out our Intro to Bouldering Class!

How to Boulder

It is not completely necessary to follow official regulations when bouldering for recreation. However our set crew regularly creates and curates routes that are fun, flowy, and challenging. The official start of a route will be marked by it’s color tag (indicating difficulty rating) and a Start tag. Follow the same color holds and control the finish for an official “send”

Grading System

The colored tag at the start of a route serves as a general guideline for what to expect. Like many other gyms, RockFish’s grading system is intentionally broad to adjust for the subjectivity of climbing grades. The colored dots are meant to guide one’s time in the gym, not impose a judgement of climbing ability.

At RockFish, white and yellow are beginner, green is intermediate, blue is experienced, red is advanced, black is expert. The colors are placed at the beginning of each route which also indicates the starting hand position. Posters around the gym (like the one shown here) will inform you on the difficulty rating using the V-Scale.

Additional Information

Check out this article from our friends at Friction Lab on Good Climbing Gym Etiquette 





Our fitness facility is equipped with free weights, stationary cycles, NordicTrack treadmills, and Cybex Arc Trainers. We also feature Free Motion fitness machines that allow you to train with movements used in everyday life and sports. Whether you’re here to strengthen, train, condition, or rehabilitate, our fitness center is known for being straight-forward with a relaxed vibe. Free weights, BodyBars, balance balls, and resistance equipment are also available to support your goals. 24 hour access is for members only.


Membership will provide access to both the climbing gym and fitness facility.


Getting Here

Our Address: 6475 HWY 93 SOUTH Whitefish, MT 59937 We are located inside the Whitefish Mountain Mall, just south of Super 1 grocery store. Park in the grocery store parking lot.