You asked, and we are delivering. Get stoked for our spring comp!

This will be a citizen comp for men, women, and all youth. Prizes galore will attract most local climbers, but we will also have food/drinks, discounted memberships for sale, T-shirts on sale, AND Rocky Mountain Outfitter will be here selling brand new 2018 model climbing shoes and equipment!

$30 Pre-registration
$35 Day of

Men’s, Women’s, and Youth catagories:

Youth Minion- Ages 6 and under
Youth Grom- Ages 7-11
Beginner V0-V2
Intermediate V3-V5
Advanced V6-V7
Open V8 and up

(All youth boys and girls will be competing with the men’s and women’s times)

Women compete 10:00-12:00
Men compete 12:30-2:30
Finals @ 3:30

Competition format: Redpoint

We will take the top 5 climbs with the highest point value on your scorecard and the total becomes your score. The 3 competitors with the highest score will advance to finals. Finalists will be in isolation while the setters (who are amazing) will put up the finals routes. The finalists will come out 1 at a time and have a time limit to test their skills. Whoever completes the climb(s) will be the winner and receive the grand prize! Should there be a tie, we will refer to the competitors scorecard, and rule it down to falls.

Even if you don’t plan on competing, you should DEFINITELY come watch the best climbers throw down for the finals!